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"Michael Martin is a naturally gifted screenwriter, at storytelling, he's brilliant!" - Director/Producer Brad Hodge

Michael Martin is an award-winning writer and director. He has written and directed nine short films, three independent features and one feature-length documentary.

Michael has served as director, video-grapher, editor, co- writer, co-producer for Chaco's Family, an award-winning documentary funded in part by the Idaho Commission on the Arts and as director, videographer, writer and editor of the award-winning short, "The Man With No Heart." On stage, he has directed the Stage Coach Theatre production of Death and the Maiden.

Michael's short film, "Ronnie Carter Jones" earned a bronze award at the 25th Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for Original Dramatic Short. For his own production company, The Creation Group, Michael has acted as director, videographer, writer and/or editor for such clients as Terracon Engineering Consultants, the Ada County Highway District, United Parcel Service, the Boise Police Department and the non-profit organization, The Sounding Board.

Michael has written and directed three independent feature films that are currently in post-production.

circular logic is a dramatic thriller, shot in black and white, about a woman, Anne Miller, who has been kidnapped by an ultra-secret government agency. The kidnappers begin to question her on a variety of confusing subjects, none of which Anne knows anything about. The questioning goes around and around and they refuse to release her until she has answered all of their questions. If she does could be fatal.

After the Viewing, Before the Funeral is a drama. A tragic death by suicide threatens to further fragment an already dysfunctional family. As the title suggests, this film takes place during the few hours before a funeral. It is a harsh biting commentary on how those that you love can also become those that you hate. Dark family secrets come to light, forcing the choice between confrontation or denial. This film deals with mature themes.

They're Watching You is a psychological thriller. Imagine this: In an everyday world where people go to work, argue and make love, sometimes you find yourself looking over your shoulder. At the people around you. And sometimes don't they seem a little...different? Randall Winters is a corporate pod. His life was pretty much running on an even keel...until the day he saw the Sandwich Board Man with his sign. The one that told him who "They" were. The "They" that run the government. The dark faceless "They' that are watching you, controlling you, making you do the things that you don't want to do. One man has found out who "They" are. Now, Randall must stop them before they make him become one of "Them."

As a screenwriter, Michael has been a quarter-finalist for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Nicholl Fellowship and a semi-finalist for the Chesterfield Film Company program at Paramount Studios. Michael's sceenplay, Flight of the Albatross was a top-ten finalist in the People's Picture Show sponsored by Brody Productions (Mike Hammer, The Fall Guy) in association with Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, producers of the long running series Unsolved Mysteries. His screenplay Poet on a Trunk was a top-ten finalist in the Write.Com International Screenwriting Contest sponsored by The Lot (Warner Bros.)

Michael's screenplay, The Deathwatch, was a finalist in both the 11th Annual Writer's Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition and the International Writing Competition. It was also a semi-finalist in the Seventh Annual American Accolades Screenwriting Competition. The Deathwatch was named a winner as one of the "Top Twenty Screenplays in the World" at the 2005 Key West Indiefest.

Michael's screenplay, Static, placed in the top fifteen percent of all entries in the 2007 Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competition (there were over 5,000 entries.)

Michael is also an award-winning sculptor with five first-place awards from the Western Idaho Fair and three highest awards given in his class at the Southern California Area Historical Miniatures International (SCAHMS) show. Kalmbach Publishing's FineScale Modeler has accepted for publication Michael's article, "Creating A 1/2 Scale Fantasy Bust." In a future issue the article will detail how Michael built a large-scale fantasy creature. FineScale Modeler is America's #1 modeling magazine.