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spec scripts
"Michael Martin is a naturally gifted screenwriter, at storytelling, he's brilliant!" - Director/Producer Brad Hodge

Michael is currently developing two programs for television, BubbleGumz and Boarders Welcome.


BubbleGumz is an animated series that tells the story of where used chewing gum goes when it gets spit out. Follow Max and his bubblegum friends on their adventures in a dirty alley cul-de-sac. Each animated episode runs approx. twelve minutes.

Request a PDF of the pilot script.

View character and storyboard samples at the BubbleGumz Facebook page:

Boarders Welcome

Boarders Welcome is an hour-long science fiction series that follows a group of people trapped at an oceanside inn. Imagine Lost meets Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. Nathan Hart is searching for his missing ex-wife. Her trail leads to a remote seaside inn. Nathan decides to stay the night and is introduced to an eclectic mix of hotel guests over dinner. What at first appears to be an earthquake rattles the inn. Soon, the guests discover that the rest of the world outside of the inn has disapeared. Even the sun is gone. Only a fluctuating mile round circle of ground/land remains, the edges falling off into a sea of black nothingness. Creatures lurk in the woods behind the inn and the upper floors harbor evil spirits. Nathan and the other guests must now try to survive in this strange new world and find a way home.

Request a PDF of the first three episodes' scripts.